Reggio and Documentation

My quest this year was to create a more organised environment in my classroom. A space that allowed for natural expression through various forms of play as well as a space that was organised and wasn’t too expensive. 🙂

My inspiration has come from relieving in many schools within many different classrooms, meeting new creative teachers and sharing their ideas as well as internet browsing and blogging.

I do not claim to be a ‘Reggio Teacher’ but I love how Reggio Emilia classrooms are designed to be a beautiful third teacher. If the environment is set up right, the children will be more likely to be actively engaged with the materials. Actively engaged children are learning through play. When children are engaged in activities, teachers have more time to positively interact with the children, observe the learning in action, write down language, and take pictures.

Documenting this learning is such an important aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach. Publications I have seen by Reggio Children shows work by children that is beautifully and clearly presented. I understand that by arranging an aesthetic display or presentation of learning with care, we show our respect for the children’s work and make strong statements about the children’s potential.

Here are some examples of documentation of children’s work that I have found to be particularly inspiring and creative. I hope that my own effort to document my children’s work is as respectful and creative as these examples!

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Pictures of all the children as well as a colour chart

Pictures of all the children as well as a colour chart

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