An interesting read.

I recently came across this article in the American Journal of Play. It is an interview with Italian author and teacher Lella Gandini who is best known in the United States as the leading advocate for the Reggio Emilia approach to early-childhood education.

A very interesting read about Reggio and Gandini’s thoughts on implementing Reggio within American schools.

A quick summary from me. This is an activity we do a lot at my current school during meetings. We are asked to read over articles and find a key word, phrase and sentence that stood out for us.

word: “dynamic”

phrase: “The role of the teacher is seen as that of researcher”

sentence: “An essential element for positive learning and teaching in the Reggio Emilia approach is to view children and teachers as endowed with strong potential, ready to enter into relationships, ready to be listened to, and eager to learn.


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